Jumpstart your portfolio

  • by Nealey
  • Course level: Beginner


One of the toughest parts when getting started freelancing as a web designer is not having a portfolio to show your skills off to potential clients. Sure, you could spin up a couple of websites but they end up lacking that special sauce that wows your clients.
And it doesn’t have anything to do with your skills! I couldn’t create a site out of thin air, I’m just not creative enough. I’d end up just adding a bunch of Lipsum text because I got stuck trying to write about this fictitious business.

What Will I Learn?

  • Get a real case study to build a website with
  • Learn our workflows we use when designing websites for clients
  • Discover the most useful tools for web designers
  • Get feedback on your website design

Topics for this course

10 Lessons


A short introduction on how to best use this course

Your new project?

In this section, you'll get all the information about your new client to help you build a new site for your portfolio.


A list of resources I use on projects and a way to get feedback for your website you create.
Web designer using computer


  • You can set up WordPress locally by using Local by Flywheel or set this site up on a hosting account if have one live with available room.

Target Audience

  • Newer website designers looking to build up their portfolio or learn new skills

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