January 25, 2021

How to manage your clients using GoDaddy Pro's new Hub

GoDaddy has launched a new experience they're calling The Hub by GoDaddy Pro that brings in a lot of the features we all love from the GoDaddy Pro dashboard. The difference is that instead of logging in and then navigating to the dashboard, they've brought it in so that's the first thing you see with a fresh new look.

hub home page

Client management is one of the more popular features of this experience allowing you to add clients to your Hub. From there, you can set up delegate access to log into your client's accounts, manage their active projects, and connect and manage their WordPress sites.

Adding clients to The Hub

If you are a web designer and want to get access to The Hub by GoDaddy Pro, you must first opt into this experience by visiting hub.godaddy.com.

Once you're in The Hub, click on clients using the left-hand menu.

Pro Tip: You can make the left-hand menu persistently open by mousing over it to expand it and then mouse over the edge for an arrow to appear.


This is your Clients page where you can manage and view all clients you've added to your Hub. Let's go ahead and add a new client by clicking the New Client. From here, a new page will appear, letting you add your client's name, email, and business.

After creating a client, you'll have the ability to send them an account delegation request. This makes it handy to log into their account to manage their products without needing their username and password. There's even an option to manage purchases on their behalf too.

client access

Managing your client

After you have added your client to The Hub and set up delegation, you'll be able to manage your client's products, projects, and sites.

Managing client's products

Most of the products shown on the list will expand and give you the ability to log directly into that product's dashboard to manage. I use this frequently with my client's hosting accounts when I'm setting it up or migrating a dev site to them. The last thing they want to do is set up the backend and admin of their hosting when it's not what they do day to day.

You can also click the login as client button to jump directly to their My Products page to view and manage all products, including their domains.

Shopping for your clients

Everyone likes to shop, especially when it's someone else's money. You can shop for your client to ensure they're set up with the right product the first time. Nothing halts a project faster than you telling your client to get a certain hosting plan, and they end up getting a website builder of some sort.

While managing a client, click on shop for a client under the client details section. From here, you'll see a laundry list of products to build a cart with.

Depending on your delegation level, you can either purchase the products in your account and associate them with your client, use your client's card and purchase it in their cart, or send the client a cart via email to purchase on their own time.

shared shopping

Managing projects

The Hub offers a light project management tool to track the different phases of a project and various tasks. I have set up a few templates for a few typical projects I work on, and with each client I onboard, I will subsequently activate one of the templates.

From the client view, I can quickly see any active projects and jump in while I'm working through the project lifecycle.

Managing sites

If you are using WordPress to build your client's site, you can add it to The Hub to make it easier to manage. This will allow you to have a one-click login, enable automated backups, perform one-click updates on the site, and more.

You will need to head over to the Sites section of The Hub and add it there first. Once added, you can assign a client to the site, so it shows up on the Sites tab of the client view.

Start managing clients in The Hub

If you're looking to optimize your workflow with managing clients, especially if they already use GoDaddy, I highly recommend checking out The Hub. Clients, project, and site management are made incredibly easy with a sleek and modern design.

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